A Path Called Football: Christian’s Story

Christian Ringo

My Story

If you ever look up the definition of the word purpose, it will read ; the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc. Christian Ringo is one that has always known his purpose. But it took much more than knowing to get him to his goals. Christian was born and raised in Jackson MS, to parents Henry Ringo of Vicksburg MS, and Alethea Ringo of Magnolia MS. Christian grew up with his two brothers Chris Ringo and Isaiah Williams. Growing up in Jackson MS, Christian was always involved in sports from track and field to baseball and soccer. The first time he played football was for a little league team named the South Jackson 49ers. That team went on to win the championship that first year they played.

High School

Christian started to stand out as he played football for Forest Hill High school. He was a notable force in Jackson’s high school bracket. He was invited to participate in the All Stars for the top football players in Mississippi.

Christian Ringo
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Christian received a full scholarship to the University of Louisiana Lafayette (ULL). One of Christian’s most purposeful moments was when he walked into the ULL football facility and saw a wall of football players that made it to the NFL from ULL.. One of Christian’s teammates told Christian that he would never make the wall. Christian knew from that moment that he would. Christian became a beast among men on the football field at ULL. Christian had the most sacks in a single football season, he tied for most career sacks with 21, tied for most tackles for loss in a game with 5, most yardage lost in sacks in a single season with 86, 2nd most tackles for loss in a single season with 20, 5th most tackles for loss in a career with 35 and even recovered a fumble and scored a touch-down. ULL won four consecutive New Orleans Bowls from Christians freshman to senior year. Christian even lucked up and meet his now fiance DeNai Lindsey while at ULL. But after all the records that had been broken and victories on and off the field he wanted to know was it enough to go to the NFL. But even with all the victories he was often reminded of the obstacles that every purpose driven vessel has to endure. Christians dad suffers from diabetes and lost his leg Christian’s freshman year. Like Christian, Henry Ringo was a amazing football player that broke records through out high school and college, but Henry was injured his senior year the last game playing for Jackson State University. Making to the NFL was not only a goal anymore it became personal for Christian.


May 2, 2015 the 80th NFL draft was here. Like every college football player, Christian waited patiently to receive a call from a team. Surrounded by family and friends Christian received a call from the Green Bay Packers asking him, “was he ready to be a Packer?” In shock he readily answered, “Yes!”

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Christina Ringo Detroit Lions

Making Dreams A Reality

Christian was number 210 in the 6th round of the draft. He was the only Ragin Cajun to be drafted that year. Christian played two years with the Green Bay Packers and now currently plays with the Detroit Lions. He is constantly working harder to not only make a name for himself but to fulfill his purpose.

Christian Ringo


College Career

University Lafayette of Louisiana

Most Sacks in a single season (11.5)

Tied for most career sacks (21)

Tied for most tackles for loss in a game (5)

Most Yardage lost in sacks in a single season (86)

2nd most tackles for loss in a single season (20)

5th most tackles for loss in a career (35)